Mark McConnell Auctioneers Ltd

Mark McConnell

Director at Mark McConnell Auctioneers Ltd

  • Agent License: PSRA LICENCE NUMBER 001050

Property Types

  • 40% Sheep/Hill Farm
  • 20% Small Holdings
  • 20% Dairy Farms
  • 20% Other

Property Status

  • 63% Sold
  • 38% For Sale

About Mark McConnell

Mark McConnell Agricultural Consultant

Mark McConnell is a part-time beef and sheep farmer who has been working in REPS since 1998. He has been running Mark McConnell Agricultural Consultants since 2001 and are members of the Agricultural Consultants Association and hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

At Mark Mc Connell Auctioneers Ltd, we are extremely proud to be one of the leading Agricultural advisors in the North West which means that farm and land sales are an important aspect of our firm. We offer an extensive listing of land and sites available for sale throughout Donegal and Tyrone.

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